The Last Knights Saga

The Last Knights Saga is a dark fantasy epic series of novels written by KJ Eldridge.


Book 1: Rays of Ruin

The Last Knights:Rays of Ruin is Book 1 of a dark epic fantasy series written by K.J. Eldridge. An ancient darkness falls upon a nearly forgotten kingdom on the edge of the frontier. Its once legendary defenders, the Knights of Gletharr, strike out to face the undead legion before they can destroy the last stronghold of hope in a world on the brink of annihilation. In the wake of destruction to follow, a small group of heroes venture out into the unknown to save their existence. Meet DREJ, a young man believed to be the last of his people, as he undertakes a quest to find the mysterious crown of a fallen god. DAREKA, an orphan of the Imperial Wars as she Embarks on a path of magical discovery with the a strange old wizard as her guide. MORRISON, last Captain of the Knights of Gletharr, as he leads a weary band of warriors into the teeth of the enemy lands. PIRANA, a peculiar Goblin from a savage mining clan in the darkest depths of the mountains, who finds himself in the middle of a struggle for the survival of all mankind. WRECKLIN, the calculating senator pulling all of the strings in the Free Lands, but that might not necessarily be a good thing. And so many more… An adventure unlike any other awaits you in a world where everything is connected but nothing is as it seems.

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