Moving Pictures with Sound

Wulvern: A Cross to Bear

This a portion of Bart’s origin story told on film. It stars me, Nate Perry, and Audrey Jean Lewis. Directed by Chris Gaynor. (2012)

KJ’s Acting and Stunt Reel

A fun cross-section  of acting and stunts  scenes comically thrown together from a few flicks, some made and some not (Thankfully hehe)

Last Knights Author Interview

An interview conducted in 2012 shortly after the initial release of the Last Knights.


The Artist II

A (2012) short film ‘sequel’ of sorts to the Artist I. It follows a lowly comic book creator on a journey and battle through time. It’s… good, I guess. It was the first film that Chris Gaynor, Nate Perry, Cameron Jefferey, and I worked on together. I starred, did the music, and the Foley sound effects!


A Lunar Christmas Story

Possibly the best received film I’ve been involved in. In this future holiday classic, I play a very different kind of Santa Claus. Starring Nate Perry, Chris Gaynor, Justin Fong-Borden-Smith-Eldridge and J.D. Kimber. Enjoy!