My name is KJ Eldridge and I create worlds.

Okay, it’s not as pretentious as it sounds. I’m just a storyteller. I write stories and sometimes draw pictures to go along with them. I already have a novel under my belt, The Last Knights: Rays of Ruin and five issues of a werewolf comic set in the Old West called Wulvern with the very talented creator Chris Gaynor, written one issue of a fantasy comic called Rabbits drawn by another talented creator, Nate Perry. I’m currently working on a sequel to Rays of Ruin, Wulvern Issue 6, Book 1 of a new series called Argonautica, attempting to coax another issue or two of Rabbits from the also extremely busy Nate, popping up in short films usually alongside Misters Gaynor and Perry, and working on a super secret project with my beautiful wife, Mia, not to mention I’m part of a New York Knicks Podcast playfully called ‘Southern Hicks Talkin’ New York Knicks’.

On top of all that stuff, I’m helping raise a wonderful, loving family, which as most know is the most important creative world of them all. Hi Justin and Arwen!

A little background on me:

I was born on cold winter’s evening in upstate New York (Explains my allegiance to the Knicks and the New York Giants… but not to FSU or the Chicago White Sox…) My dad was in the Army so I lived everywhere from Texas, Germany, Narnia, you name it. I finished my teenage years in Augusta, GA where I was deposited directly into the Navy for a few years where I moonlighted as a lousy Nuke Mechanic. I saw a little more of the world, mostly South Carolina, Virginia, California, Hawaii, and the Middle East. Then, I ended up back in Augusta where I went to and graduated from Augusta State University (Only 4 years!) with a degree in History. I’ve put that baby to good use in the restaurant business as a waiter, bartender, and everything in-between for… damn… over a decade. At some point while slinging ribs and going abroad to London for school at some point, me and my afore-mentioned buddy Chris, sat in a Waffle House that has long since burned down, decided to make a werewolf comic based on a vampire movie script he was writing. I was like, “I used to draw in high school! I can probably draw a comic!” and now here we are. That is probably where it actually began in a real sense. I also happened to write a large portion of a novel that would later become Rays of Ruin while on  the Nimitz in the Persian Gulf so I figured it would be good to go ahead and knock that out as well. The rest is what you see on this website , and on Facebook, Instagram, at cons, but most importantly in what you see in my writing and art, and in life. As always, remember that everything is connected and nothing is as it seems.